Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Secret of Finding Mr. Right in your Life:

To all the readers, I'd love to share my experience of finding Mr. right in my life. It would be a living testimony to everybody. Finding your life mate is not an easy task to do.Especially if you dont ask and consult God. Im telling you it would be such a failure and might lead you to a wrong person. Why I tell you this? Coz I had disastrous and tragic experiences way back. Its cost me alot of pain and it came to a point that my heart no longer wanted to love again. One day my friend was texting me and and told me about Jaderune; its a Christian website, and ask me to give myself another chance to find my lifemate. So to cut the story short, I was convinced and ask her to publish me in that particular website. But before my membership was done to that website I've been praying and asking the Lord to guide and help me find the right guy. My heart desires a Christian guy! There were lots of guys who showed their interests, others were rude and insdecent, and others were divorced; but because they were not matched to the qualifications I've set, so I stop corresponding with them.
And so I Kept on praying to God, and never lost hope coz I know God will provide and answer my prayers. And it happens folks! He really did! And I'm extremely blessed to what God has done to my life! July 6, I received an email from Mr. Al Artola Lovet. While reading with his email, I was totally struck and impressed because I 've sensed in my spirits that there is something on him. Looking at his photos made so happy and pleased! And my heart kept telling me that He was the guy ! So I prayed to the Lord again and kept on asking His guidance! When I shared it to my sister she was also happy for me to find this guy and advised me to let God blessed our friendship. That was the start of our good relationship. December 6 he courted me and I accept his feelings for me. And I never regretted of choosing this man because He is so good, kind, loving, understanding and patient. And really felt so blessed to have him in my life. And I really thank God for bringing him to my life. To Mr. Al Lovett, I would say to you that Im so proud of you husband! I do love you so much sweetie And dont want to lose you in my life. I really want to spend the rest of my life with you. Love u husband!! Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!